• Island Lamb Festival closing ceremony
    Th.e preserved nature, abundance and variety of vegetation and the closeness to the sea are the ideal conditions for the breeding of Rab’s top-class lamb. The meat is traditionally prepared on a spit with roast potatoes, boiled with sauerkraut, or in a soup. However, this delicious meat deserves much more. For this reason, in the period from 01 to 26 May several of Rab’s restaurants
  • Rab Town Annual Day – special program Rab
    Dies Victoriae (Victory day) is the day when Rab was freed from the Normans in 1075 through the intercession of St. Christopher. The main ceremony in honour of the liberation of the town of Rab starts at 20:30 with loud drumming to announce the Knights’ Tournament of the Rab Crossbowmen on St. Christopher’s Square. The sound of drums and trumpets, a presentation of medieval dances and a crossbow competition will take the town back to 1075 for a while. After the award ceremony, the celebration continues with a festival that lasts until late into the night. We feel confident that after taking part in this event you will want to visit Rab again and once more become part of its history.
  • Festival of original products, souvenirs and arts of the island of Rab
    You will probably never get to know Rab completely. Helpful islanders will gladly inform you about what we have to offer and what nature has given us here on Rab.
  • International Veteran Tennis tournament “Sun Adria Cup 2016.”
    A number of tennis tournaments have encouraged sporting and recreational enthusiasts to visit the island of Rab. The Sun Adria Cup is one of the strongest international tennis competitions for veterans. It provides an excellent combination of tennis and enjoying everything the sea has to offer, as the tennis courts are located in the immediate vicinity of the beach. If you love tennis, you can play at the tournament, but if you prefer the sea, you can stay on the beach and watch the matches. Add to this, homemade specialities, an excellent atmosphere and good company, and it becomes clear why this sporting competition stretches back almost 20 years.
  • Rab Summer of Art Exhibitionby
    Rab Art Summer is a programme of exhibitions from early June to early October in the Knežev Dvor gallery organised by the museum-gallery department of the Rab Open University (Pučko otvoreno učilište Rab). This event promotes contemporary, mainly Croatian, visual arts, bringing them closer to the island of Rab’s inhabitants and visitors. Admission is free.
  • Sand sculpture festival
    Wonderful sandy beaches are characteristic of the northern part of the island of Rab. The abundance of sand is a source of inspiration for artists to create sand sculptures and take photographs on the subject of sand. For several days in June, Paradise Beach (Rajska plaža) hosts a unique exhibition of imaginative creations. The selection of the best sculptures and photographs by artists, local people and visitors is particularly interesting. Come and join us and admire the magic in the sand! Admission to the Sculpture Festival is free.
  • Rab Craft Beer Festival – Lopar
  • 8th Rab Triathlon
    This is probably the best triathlon in the Croatian championship. Every year, it attracts more than 200 competitors to the island of Rab. The well-tended cycling trails, the dense forest interwoven with walking trails, the emerald and blue sea and the hospitality of your hosts are the best invitation for triathletes to visit Rab.
  • Fish festival – Lopar
  • Rab Corners
    In the historic centre of Rab, beneath its four bell towers and in its narrow lanes, you’ll find the ancient corners – the kantuni.
    These have always been places where people would meet and get together. It’s here that they would meet or fall in love with each other, where they made new friends, and where daily life took place.
    The old town of Rab is full of such corners characterised by their unique ambience and beauty. In the period from 17 to 19 June, you will all have the opportunity to enjoy a new cultural and tourist attraction entitled KANTUNI which features events taking place at different corners in the old town!
    From Dorka to Pjaceta and from Sveti Ivan to Mahačeva Villa – along the entire length of Gornja Ulica(‘Upper Street’), right here in the corner of the old town of Rab, we’ll all enjoy the fantastic atmosphere of music, urban entertainment and traditional food and drink.
  • Rab Bridge Festival
    The 25th International Bridge Festival – Rab Open 2016 will take place in Suha Punta from 18 to 25 June 2016. If you’d like to take part in this festival as a competitor or spectator, don’t hesitate! Just visit the wonderful green oasis of Suha Punta!
  • “Potatoefest” – Lopar potatoe days
    The potato has nourished many generations of islanders. Thanks to the specific composition of the soil and the salt brought here by the bura wind, Lopar potatoes have a unique taste. Local people have paid tribute to this important food item by including the potato flower on the municipal coat of arms, and Lopar’s restaurants proudly prepare specialities made with locally grown potatoes. The Krumpirfest Potato Festival is the culmination of the potato season, when local restaurants offer traditional potato dishes. The closing ceremony on 28 June on Paradise Beach (Rajska Plaža) includes a wide range of potato specialities, a musical programme, entertainment for children, prize draws, competitions, and much more.
  • Opening ceremony for the Rab Musical Evenings
    Rab Musical Evenings include a series of classical music concerts that take place in the summer months in the town of Rab. The event started back in 1985 and is organised by the Rab Open University (Pučko otvoreno učilište Rab). Every summer, the event features 12 to 14 concerts in the Church of the Holy Cross, the area close to the Church of St. John the Evangelist, and in Rab Cinema. The performers are renowned musicians from Croatia and abroad.
  • Samba festival- Lopar
    Rab’s Paradise Beach (Rajska plaža) is reminiscent of Brazil’s Copacabana. It is therefore no wonder that it hosts the Samba Festival, in which costumed samba groups present their dance and music to a hot samba rhythm. In the early evening hours, after a samba parade of all participants, the programme continues on stage on the beach with performances of samba, capoeira and zumba dancers. The rich gastronomic offer, cocktails, beach, and Latin rhythms guarantee perfect photo opportunities and a memorable experience of one of the world’s most beautiful beaches.
    There is only one event in the year that both Rab’s inhabitants and visitors await with equal enthusiasm. It is the Rabska Fjera, the traditional celebration in honour of King Louis the Great, who freed Rab from Venetian rule. For three days, the entire island travels back in time to the Middle Ages. Knights walk the streets waiting for tournaments, artisans and artists open the doors of their workshops and studios, crossbowmen demonstrate their competitive skills, and music can be heard from every corner. Food is prepared on the streets to ancient recipes that have been preserved from the time of the first Fjera, which was organised in 1364. In the past, the Fjera used to last 14 days; today it takes place inside the ancient town walls from 25 to 27 July, and ends with a celebration on the feast day of St. Christopher.
    At the start of the Rabska Fjera, guests and journalists get together at a reception with a welcome drink on St.John the Evangelist church at 08:00 PM. At around 09:00PM, the town’s nobility and ordinary people go down the streets to St. Christopher’s Square, where the Prince of Rab, Mayor Nikola Grgurić, will officially open the 15. Rabska Fjera. Before the people and guests who have gathered on St. Christopher’s Square, the Prince of Rab declares that on the first day of the Rabska Fjera there will be an opening ceremony, and also proclaims the beginning of the exhibition of medieval crafts, whose workshops are located across the old part of the town every day for the duration of the event from the early evening until 01:00am.
  • “Lopar Night – back to the roots”
    A variety of traditional customs, old crafts, and cultural and historical monuments make up our heritage, which must not be allowed to fall into oblivion. Lopar Night is an event that will take you back to the roots of life in this area. In the magnificent ambience next to Paradise Beach, traditional skills and crafts are presented to visitors, including grape pressing, brandy production, stone carving, tool making, wheat milling, repairing fishing nets, and the preparation of traditional dishes. The culmination of the event is bidding farewell to Saint Marinus and his friend Leo as they put out to sea in search of a better life.
  • “Pumidor fest – fiesta de salsa”
    Tomatoes come in many varieties, forms and tastes, but people from Rab will tell you that the local tomatoes are the best. This is due to the local climate and the soil in which they grow, but also because of the love of the local farmers who cultivate them. The tomato flower is part of the Municipality of Lopar coat of arms, and there is almost no traditional dish that one can prepare without using this tasty delicacy. During the Pumidorfest Tomato Festival, restaurants offer specialities with locally grown tomatoes. The highlight of the festival is a big open-air party in San Marino Tourist Resort which includes a wide range of culinary specialities. There is also a competition for tourists with numerous awards in preparing tomato sauce in kettles. In short: this is a real tomato party!
  • Spinning Paradise – international tournament in frisbee
  • “Lopar Etnofest” – gastro, eco, etno manifestation
    Handmade souvenirs, local produce and much love woven into every single product invite you to visit the Eco-Ethno Fest and find something to your taste! The programme continues in the evening with a presentation of a traditional wind instrument called the mih (a kind of bagpipes), which in the past was the only instrument in this area and which was played on various occasions (weddings, births, balls, carnival, etc.) At the festival dedicated to this instrument, you can experience first-hand how people in this area used to live, dance, sing and have fun. We feel confident that a visit here will put you in a cheerful mood too!
  • 9th review of the “Rapske vedute” klapa ensembles
    The Rapske vedute singing group festival was established in 2007 by the late maestro Ljubo Stipišić Delmata, who was also the first artistic director. Every year, the festival brings together a dozen klapefrom Dalmatia and Kvarner, including the island of Rab. Continuing the tradition of a capella signing,klape represent a part of the local musical heritage and Čakavian dialect. The repertoire of the singing groups that participate in this event includes both original songs and covers with excellent arrangements.
  • Octopus Days – Lopar
    In the period from 12 to 24 September several of restaurants.